Astrochemistry Discussions

Summer Holidays @ Astrochem Discussions

Astrochem Discussions is going on holiday... sort of. We'll be picking back up with our regularly scheduled seminars and workshops in September (look for more on that in the coming weeks!). There will be no regularly scheduled meetings in the remainder of July and throughout the month of August, as many of us are on extended vacations (whether we're actually leaving home or not).

Instead, throughout the month of August we'll be releasing short videos from many of our participants giving you a taste of their research. Watch them on your own time, over coffee or on the couch, or catch up later when you're back from vacation! We'll send out e-mails every so often when a new batch of videos is up. In the mean time, please enjoy the archive of talks we have on the Videos Page, and we'll see everyone online again in September!


On June 10, 2020, Astrochemistry Discussions participated in the #strike4blacklives, #shutdownstem, and #shutdownacademia movements. While that was a day of both reflection and action across academia, it is not the end, only the beginning. We encourage everyone to visit and and continue to find meaningful ways we can take actively anti-racist actions within our communities.